What do we do to keep your data safe?

Foldercrate is using the followng technologies to keep everything save and secure:

  • SSL-Certificat with SHA256 Encryption.
  • Use of OpenPGP
  • Use of Paranoid Encryption
  • Zero Knowledge
  • Encryption of user data
  • Swiss data protection act
  • GDPR regulations

We at Foldercrate are commited to keeping your data safe. The transmitted data between you and our servers is encrypted at any time. You can also choose to enable OpenPGP and Paranoid Encryption within the settings to have even more security. We also encrypt the data stored on our servers like user data, passwords, files and more. Your files should be yours and only yours so that even we don't know what is stored on our servers. At no time we have access to the data stored on our servers. Every person is entitled to protection of their privacy and protection against misuse of their personal data! Even if you are not fully convinced you can still choose to enable multiple security features in your account such as more encryption with your own key or 2FA. If you have further concerns or questions then feel free to contact us!


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