What data do we collect, and why

We collect and use the following data to provide, protect and improve our service:

  • Data about your device, such as operating system and web browser.
  • Your IP address and the time of your visit to our site.
  • Your account information, if you have a registered account with us.
With whom do we share this data

Nobody. We do not share data from our site with third parties, nor do we disclose information about our visitors or users. We'll never use the data for advertising purposes, and we guarantee that all your data will remain safely with us.

Web browser cookies

By 'cookies', we don't mean biscuits, but rather the web technology of the same name. Among other things, cookies allow us to remember your username on your next visit, to better understand how you interact with our services and to improve them accordingly. You can choose in your browser settings whether or not you wish to accept cookies; however, please be aware that we may not be able to provide the full functionality of our services without them.

API Keys

Data privacy provisions for our API will follow when this is introduced.