I thought I would be satisfied with all my current service providers, but I never thought having all services in one place would be that convenient. Thanks, Foldercrate!

Janis Gerber

I went from using over 5 to just using one service. Now with Foldercrate having everything in an easy to use place really helps me getting things done.

Milot Hoxha

With the Foldercrate groupware solution I had a new way to manage all my important things at the same time. It’s simple. It’s convenient. It’s Foldercrate.

Colin Gerber

All you need in one place.

Enjoy the benefits of having your files, mails, notes and appointments available whenever and wherever you need them. Whether on the computer, on the tablet or on your smartphone, our service adapts to your device and offers you all the functions you need.

Whether encrypted emails or large attachments: we make it possible. An intuitive and easy user interface enables even more effective management of your inbox.

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Though we believe that your stuff is yours and yours alone, Foldercrate gives you the option to quickly and easily share things or work together with others where needed. Share individual files or whole folders and be in charge of who gets access.

Send uploaded files simply and directly via email. With Foldercrate, you can be sure that your emails will always arrive at the recipient without falling prey to unauthorized access.

Amazing features, free for everyone!

Easy to use

Clear, clutter-free user interfaces and an intuitive user experience make Foldercrate what it is. Simple!

Safe and reliable

Like banks, our service is safe, fast and reliable. Swiss standards of service are now available not only for your money, but also online.

No advertising

Whether you use our service for free or as a premium user, you never have to put up with ads.

Top quality support

Whether yours is a question, a concern or a suggestion for improvement, we're always ready to listen to you and help wherever we can.

Everywhere you want

Whether at the workplace or on the train; on a PC, a Mac or a mobile phone; Foldercrate can accompany you anytime, anywhere.

Just for you

A customizable design, complete support and virtually unlimited freedom ensure your needs are met.

Some of our Customers

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