What is Foldercrate?

Foldercrate connects, improves and simplifies widely-used online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes and more. As a result, you don't need to rely on single-service offerings from multiple companies, but can manage everything under one account.

Can I use Foldercrate in other countries?

Of course - our services are available worldwide and on all devices. You can access your account (and thus your emails, files, notes, and more) at any time and from any location. Our services are available in several languages ​​to facilitate even greater accessibility.

Can I use Foldercrate for my company?

We can assist you by developing a Foldercrate solution that's tailored to your organization. Use it on your own servers and with your own logo to enjoy the full functionality and versatility of Foldercrate whilst still retaining independence.

How do I recognize mails from the Foldercrate Team?

In order for the Foldercrate team to differ from its customers, all members of the Foldercrate team are marked with the mail-ending '.org'

Where does Foldercrate save my data?

Files are stored wherever the customer wishes to either in Germany, Switzerland or the US. Customer can also have Foldercrate as a selfhosted solution and store their data on their own servers.

Programs & Apps

For which platforms will Foldercrate be available?

Foldercrate is available on all devices with an Internet connection and web browser. However, we are also developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile and programs for Windows and MacOS and Linux, allowing you to work on your preferred system without limitations.

What is the difference between the Web-version and the programs & apps?

You'll enjoy the use of all functions and features both in the Internet version and on our Windows, MacOS and Linux programs. However, our apps & programs offer better stability and an enhanced user interface that is tailored to each system.

Can I use Foldercrate with other programs and services?

There is no difference between the data you upload to Foldercrate and data on other operating systems. You can also export your Foldercrate calendar and import it into another program, while developers can make use of our API and develop their own extensions.

Where can I download the mobile app or the Foldercrate desktop software?

You can download our programs and apps for Outlook, Windows, iOS and Android directly from your settings page of your Foldercrate account.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password in your account settings under 'Password'. You'll also receive a confirmation e-mail that your password was changed. Should you receive such an email without having changed your password, please contact our support team.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account and email address at any time. All your information, emails, files and other data will be permanently deleted after 30 days. During this time, you have the option to cancel the deletion and reactivate your account.

How can I protect my account?

There are many ways to protect your Foldercrate account. A secure password is the best way to start. You can also activate two factor authentication, whereby you must enter the SMS code that is sent to you upon each attempted login to confirm your identity. Our systems willl notify you automatically about any unusual activity.


How can I pay for the extension of my account?

We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept PayPal. We accept 200 different payment methods all total, the choice of which varies from country to country. You might, for example, choose to pay by invoice, Bitcoin or directly via your mobile phone.

Will I receive a payment confirmation?

Following a successful payment, you will receive an automatically generated payment confirmation email. The payment will also show up immediately in your account overview.

Data protection

What happens to my data and files?

None of the information or items you store on the Foldercrate servers will be shared. Your user information, emails, calendar entries, files, notes and contacts won't be analyzed or passed to third parties.

My files have got lost - how do I get them back?

Please check your Foldercrate Recycle Bin, where you can restore recently deleted files. If the issue is related to a bug, you can contact our support team at any time and have your lost data recovered. You can also view your activities to see what might have happened to the lost data.

How does Foldercrate analyze my user data?

All of the data analyzed by Foldercrate is processed automatically by our servers, which means that none of our employees ever gain access to your data or files. Our system evaluates when and where you log in to identify suspicious activity. We also evaluate which services you use and how you use them in order to improve what we offer.