Easy, fast and cost-effective!

Easy to use

Thanks to consistent interface and an easy distribution of the functions, you never have to search something for long.

Security is a must

SSL encryption, Paranoid encryption for files, OpenPGP for emails and optional 2FA leave no wishes open.

Customization on click

Use your own mailserver and domains for mails, host your calendars and files by us or on premise. You decide.

Creating and management of employees
Easy and Fast

Add new employees with few mouse clicks. Create aliases or limit the storage of a single employee.

Share events, calendars or even contacts easily and without detour with your team members, decide who has access, who can read and who can edit it.

easy team setup, manage employes
secure cloud, encrypted files

Secure Access
To your Company Files

Encrypt your emails thanks to built-in OpenPGP or encrypt your data with Paranoid encryption. At no time. the keys will be saved on our servers, so only you have access!

In addition, you can protect your whole account from unauthorized and unwanted access thanks to two-factor-authentication (2FA).

Sync your Data
With all your Devices

Synchronize all your data with all possible devices. Whether appointments on your smartphone or emails in Outlook.

Foldercrate is compatible with most protocols like ActiveSync, DAV, IMAP, SMTP and POP3. It works with all common Apple, Windows and Android devices.

sync files, sync emails, sync calendar, mobile sync
search for emails, search files

Easily find
What you are looking for

Search through your emails for sender, receiver, subject, content, date or even attachments.

No matter if you look for email, contacts or files. Foldercrate helps you to find what you are looking for in an easy way.

Enjoy the ease
of Services working together

No countless number of passwords, programs and open tabs for various services. With Foldercrate, you have all in one.

Unified storage accounting and many possible installation and configuration possibilities make Foldercrate ideal for small teams up to enterprises.

groupware, collaboration, all in one services
Cloud hosted
Perfect for small teams and startups hosted by us
All services included
No user limit
Optional ActiveSync
Optional Mailserver
Free Updates & SSL
Thanks to an SSL certificate your highly sensitive data and data transmissions are protected.
$ 6.25
/ Per user per month
Self hosted
The best option for large teams
All services included
Minimum 5 users
Optional ActiveSync
Optional Mailserver
Free Updates
As long as you have an active license for your installation we will provide you with free updates.
$ 5.00
/ Per user per month

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