The Awesome SaaS Company

Every day we are focused on bringing you the best service possible. It is our goal to protect your privacy and your data so that you can just use our service without worrying.

Foldercrate was started in January 2015 as a single-service intended to help students manage, edit and share files with ease. It has evolved steadily over the years and now includes multiple services working together in a virtually limitless fashion to afford you more time for the really important things in life.

foldercrate about us

Our Key Features

Easy to use

Clear, clutter-free user interfaces and an intuitive user experience make Foldercrate what it is. Simple!

Safe and reliable

Like banks, our service is safe, fast and reliable. Swiss standards of service are now available not only for your money, but also online.

No advertising

Whether you use our service for free or as a premium user, you never have to put up with ads.

Top quality support

Whether yours is a question, a concern or a suggestion for improvement, we're always ready to listen to you and help wherever we can.

Everywhere you want

Whether at the workplace or on the train; on a PC, a Mac or a mobile phone; Foldercrate can accompany you anytime, anywhere.

Just for you

A customizable design, complete support and virtually unlimited freedom ensure your needs are met.


Happy Customers

Over 4500 people happily using Foldercrate and each day there are more.


Working Hours

From the start to this day we are working hard and are happy to improve Foldercrate.


Lines of Code

That's a lot of code but believe us every line is needed.


Cups of Tea

Yes we drink a lot of tea but don't worry we have coffee as well.